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de Calpino 2012
Short History

This vineyard of white Grenache grafted with the first American vine that arrive in Catalonia, the Rupestris de Lot, was planted at 1892 by the father of my grandfather, Josep Mateu Mauri. It was also the year my grandfather was born, Lluís Mateu Mateu, who take loving care of them up to his death in 1971.

Wines Guide of Catalonia 2015 Award
Wines Guide of Catalonia 2015 Award
The Soil

This vineyard is planted in a place named La Porquera under these coordinates: 41º 8′ 16,17” N / 0º 43′ 34,80” E. The soil is made of slate, foliated metamorphic rock from the Tertiary, which gives to the grape a mineral flavor.

The Philosophy

The most important concept of this wine is the vine, centenarian. The person who drinks this wine is drinking from grapes that were growth at the end of the 19th century. Having this in mind, we have tried to elaborate this wine on the most natural way, without wood, with its entire grape and its natural minerality.


This wine is 100% withe grenache from old vine. Wine destemmed and macerated with skin up to 10 hours in fresh temperature. After this time it is pressed and to take out the mud estatically for 32 hours.

Once the wine is clean the fermentation can being at a controlled tempeature of 18 ºC. After fermentation, the wine goes to different stages of filtration and clarification in order to stabilize and prepare it to be bottled.