What makes us different

The estate has about 8 hectares, of which 4 are on “slate” type rock, so evident in the terrain of the Priorat region and that gives so much personality to these wines.
The grape varieties we produce are Grenache and Samson, both from pre-phylloxera clones, and Cabernet Sauvignon, which is low-yielding and imported from the best French vines. All of them are planted on the “slopes” and “terraces” of the estate.

In short, the plantation responds to the particular situation of the territory and its organoleptic characteristics, which allows to obtain excellent yields in the quality of the grapes that, after a meticulous elaboration, confer great wines.

Our way of working and our philosophy are controlled at all times and scrupulously by professional experts. Only in this way can we guarantee the quality of our wines.