Red Wines

HE·MA 2019

Vinification Time:

Grenache: From September 12th to 25th

Cabernet Sauvignon:  from October 2nd to 17th

Carignon: from October 1st to 4th


Maceration Time: 5 / 8 days

Fermentation Time: 7/10 days

Type of fermentation: in stainless steel tanks of different volumes (from 2000 to 5000 l)

Fermentation Temperature : 25 degrees

Parenting Time :  Three months in French oak barrels

Date bottled:  January 21st, 2020


80 % Cabernet Sauvignon    15 % Grenache           5 % Carignan

Technical sheet:

Alc. Degree: 14.87 %

pH:  3.66

Total Acidity: 4.6

Soil Type:

The property has a very diverse soil.

The main rock is a Tertiary period rock made by pressure and temperature resulting in a slate of greyish hues with integrated veins of iron called licorella (slate). This kind of rock is what gives authenticity to our soils.

Above this, silt has been seated due to long term erosion and sediment brought by the Siurana river, in the Quaternary period This silt is what has given the estate its name, Mas de l’Abundancia, as it has brought fertility to the soil.

In the midst of this silt there is are very reddish clay, typical of the area, which provides a very important water retention capacity.

Tasting notes:

Wine with red and blue hues, violet trim and with a medium intensity.

It has a high aromatic intensity, with presence of red fruits and hints of Mediterranean forest and cedar.

It begins very freshly with a good performance given by a good concentration of soft tannins leading to a long finish. There is a predominance of fresh red fruits at the beginning. When the tannins appear the balsamic tastes become predominant and towards the end there is a mixture of tastes of red fruits with chocolate and vanilla that give a long aftertaste.